The Employee Risk Alert System provides employers with the ability to record information about potentially violent people or people who are a threat to their staff.

Often information is held in ad-hoc systems across the business and is not shared, or health and safety supervisors are informed of an alert but are unable to respond to it immediately.

This could potentially have a detrimental impact on the safe and wellbeing of your employees.

So, to keep them safe, ERAS allows them to raise referrals directly and search for recommendations, whether on a laptop in the office or from their mobile device while out and about.

Your health and safety team are able to retrieve audit reports, and your managers are able to monitor alerts and provide justification for adding individuals to the system.

ERAS can also connect to other systems, allowing secure access to the list of individuals, and link them to other CMS platforms you may have within your business.


ERAS provides clarity and transparency where it's needed most.
Here are some of the key benefits it provides.

Multi Platform

ERAS is web based and responsive whether using a laptop, mobile or tablet device. All your users need is a browser and network access.

User Orientated Dashboard

The home page dashboard provides quick access to search the register, see if there's any actions that need to be taken (such as reviewing an alert) and review your recent activity.

Organised Escalation Measures

By organising your workers, supervisors and managers into hierarchy, referrals can be properly assessed and reviewed with automatic escalation if no action is taken in a timely manner.

Secure Audit Trail

ERAS allows you to specify your own internal terms of use and ensure your users have agreed to them, and all activity is audited allowing managers to drill down by user or individual to know who, why, and when records were accessed.


Get the information relevant to your business - customise the recommendations given, the questions asked, the answers that can be given, and the order they appear, without any extra coding or scripting needed.

Single Sign On

Everyone hates repetitive logins, so ERAS integrates with Azure Entra ID (Azure) providing single sign-on for your organisation.

Third-Party Integration

Many organisations have multiple systems that record critical information, so ERAS comes with facilities to automatically ingest relevant information from your existing case management systems, and API's so information can be sent back when needed.

First-Rate Support

Use of ERAS is backed up by our much-lauded support service, providing you with experienced help every step of the way.