Gather. Show.
Print. Share.

Bring everything together in one system with full control over security, data access, content and design.

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Make the most of all your data

Can you see everything you need to see?
Are you missing something?
Do you know what you're missing?

See the whole picture

A Single View of your data

Gather data from wherever it sits in your organisation (and outside). Your users are not really interested in where the data came from. They only care that it's all brought together for them in a way they can use.

Drill into the detail

Once they have the data in front of them they, want to go further. They want to drill into it; see it in different ways. They want more the metrics and summaries; they want to get to the crux of it.

Know who's looking

With exceptional access to your data, you’ll want to know who’s been seeing it. Get a fully configured audit log of data accessed. This resource becomes a powerful part of your overall data landscape.

Share data on your terms

If you need to share data and documents with other organisations, it needs to be safe. Data and documents need to be protected right down to who can see what, down to individual fields if necessary.

One place to visualise, report and share

Comprehensive ways to make full use of your data. Once gathered, use it in dashboards, documents, spreadsheets, notification processes and even external APIs.

Agile, low cost creation

Codeless set up of data gathering, dashboard and document design means lower cost of delivery and easier to keep pace with change in your organisation.

Quality designed documents

Using only MS Word ™ design and deploy quality documents. Conditional blocks allow for flexible content. Output in all common formats such as Word™, PDF, Excel™

Notify by exception

Draw users’ attention to important issues by notifying them of exceptions. Take them straight to documents and dashboards that get to the heart of the issue directly.

Our Business

Fibonacci was created to bring a range of innovative add-on technologies to the business applications world. By blending existing and new technologies together we create a range of ways in which customers can drive business improvements through focussed software deployments.

Just as important is our approach to customer service. It means a lot to us for our customers to get as much as they can out of our software and at the same time listen to what they tell us to get it better and better all the time.

As of October 2018 we are proud to be part of the GOV.UK Digital Marketplace as a member of the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.

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What We Do

At the forefront of our business is fSeries, the incredibly powerful and rich reporting system that brings data together from multiple sources. Having gathered that information, it's possible to join, manipulate, and calculate data in just the way needed. And then, use that to create dashboards, reports, and API services to present the data in the way that makes the most benefit to your users.

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