fSeries was built with partners in mind.
Here's how we can help improve your solution.

Blend with your own product’s style

Colours, fonts, document styles, headings and images can be set as a theme to match your own requirements.

Cloud or on-premises deployment

fSeries can be deployed on your customers’ premises or on an Azure cloud server of your or their choice

Flexible added value reseller pricing

We believe in receiving fair share of a fair price. So we can price fSeries to suit your pricing model

Backline Support

Having trained your team, we support them and can help out on more complex consultancy and development projects if you need us

Build value added products

fSeries can be used to build a whole module to sit alongside your solutions, complimenting your business offering

Embed dashboards and documents in your own product

If you need to generate quality documents and spreadsheets from your solution, embed fSeries outputs within your solution using a simple web link. Documents are downloaded directly without user interaction with fSeries

Comprehensive deployment tools for your built packages

From your development system, export your fSeries solution. When you need to update a customer, simply export and import to the customer’s site. fSeries will take care of versioning and mapping

Easy to add data gatherers for your specialised data sources

If you have a specialist data source (e.g. with your own specific software interface) we can build a data gatherer specific to your need to make development quicker and more specific to your solution 

Wrap your product with a RESTful API

Once you’ve created data gathering set ups and document outputs, it’s a simple step to create a RESTful API to give access to your data and documents. fSeries API includes full security of your data and documents. 

Add automated notification to support your product

Gather together collections of dashboards and documents that you wish to push to a group of users based on exceptions or situations. You can then automate notifying users by email for them to come to the your system to see the outputs 

Authentication option to match your solutions

Flexible options for authentication to tie in with your own solution, such as Azure AD, Azure BTC, and Auth0

Power-up your solution with machine learning

fSeries has a powerful machine learning engine which you can tune to your own data sets and call from within your own application, harnessing the power of various AI algorithms with minimal effort.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about using or embedding fSeries in your solutions please contact us.