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Fibonacci Newsletter

We are 25 years young!

Summer’s over, it’s our year-end and we’re celebrating a milestone!

So, we wanted to remind you what we do and what’s new.


Next month Fibonacci will turn 25 years old. We’re a long way from 1998. When we started, most organisations had just a limited web site. We started business creating bespoke web based applications, and now have a wide range of business software available:

  • Data gathering

  • Document generation

  • Dashboards

  • Data sharing

  • Machine Learning

  • and more

Image by Adi Goldstein

Thank You to our Customers

When we talk to our customers we often find they are not aware of what you can do with fSeries. So here are some examples you may not know about. Please follow the links below to find or more.


ERAS (Employer Risk Alert System) – built and designed with Wolverhampton, record risks from potentially violent clients. Find out more


Single View – a joint venture with Capita to deliver a comprehensive single view of the client Find out more


Strengthening Families – working with Milton Keynes, the national team and other customers, a suite of dashboards and reports to support your workers. Find out more


APIs – make your data available to partner organisations and external applications, safely and securely, with full and detailed control. Find out more


Processes – notify users regularly or by exception by sending links to dashboards, documents, or bundles of both. Find out more


Hospital Discharge – developed with Gateshead to provide local hospital discharge nurses with direct access to information they need to discharge patients. Find out more


Machine Learning – prediction, forecasts, classification and sentiment analysis using codeless AI machine learning techniques. Find out more


Audited Data Access – record any activity in your data, even the search criteria used when requesting reports. Find out more


New Ideas – we have a few ideas for the future that we’d like to get your opinion on. Find out more

Please contact myself ( / 07952 884226) or David ( / 07724 916825) to find out more.

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