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Machine Learning

Prediction, forecasts, classification and sentiment analysis using codeless machine learning techniques

Predict, Forecast, Classify

With a wealth of data at your disposal, it should be possible to use statistical analysis to predict trends and outcomes, and to rapidly assess case notes for further action.

The new fSeries Machine Learning module is a codeless way to create machine learning models for:

  • Regression predictions

  • Binary classification (true/false, in/out, yes/no)

  • Time Series forecasts

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Text classification

Using fData to gather model training data, this module creates models that can then be used when gathering data to apply predictions, forecasts, classifications or sentiments to your data.

Machine learning requires a lot of data to improve accuracy and so should be used with caveats, but it can provide a useful addition to your historical data.

Image by Alina Grubnyak
Image by Alexander Sinn

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