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New Ideas

we have a few ideas for the future that we’d like to get your opinion on

What do you think?

We're always thinking of new ideas and we'd like to know what you think of them. Or even your own ideas on where we should go next.

Excel Data – gather data direct from Excel spreadsheets

Web Data – gather data from tables in web pages

fPanels Email Sender – send email direct from a dashboard, providing a link back to the dashboard

fPanels Compare Panel – a panel to show differences between records, highlighting differences from a base record

fDocs Insert Document – to allow one template to be embedded within another (e.g. for standard terms, or organisation headings)

fSheets Designer – along the lines of fDocs Designer

User Defined Functions – ability to create fSeries functions allowing complex functions to be called by a single, simple name.

Machine Learning Service – we are considering an online subscription service to provide codeless creating, training and usage of machine learning models. For example to be able to analyse a batch of case notes for sentiment of categorisation

Image by Agustin Fernandez
Image by Sincerely Media

Like to talk further?

If you'd like to talk to us about any of these ideas, please contact:



07952 884226


07724 916825

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