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Hospital Discharge

Developed with Gateshead to provide local hospital discharge nurses with direct access to information they need to discharge patients

Helping to Unblock Beds

One of the biggest causes of hospital bed blocking is the delay due to discharge nurses needing to get social care information from the local authority.


At Gateshead, the local hospital has direct access to a set of dashboards and documents that gives them the information they need when they need it without chasing social workers, at any time including evenings and weekends.

The dashboards and documents are subject to fSeries detailed security and audit so the data is safe.

If you already have fPanels and fDocs, you have all the software licenses you need to implement this; we can help with the setting up of dashboard, documents and security.

Hospital Corridor
Image by National Cancer Institute

Like to talk further?

If you'd like to look a little deeper into this option, please contact:



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